Tuesday, March 8, 2022


 Produce a :30 - 2:00 "story" using only sound effects and ONE word.

 You may repeat the one word as many times as you care to (and it may be said by multiple characters or in different tones). How many sound effects do you need to paint the picture properly? Consider loaded language, emotionally charged words, repetitions that disconcert: Help; the first time a baby says Mama; saying Hello (over and over) and not hearing a response. Post your completed "story"  under the relevant heading on the FB page  (before the start of class). Again, to easily post audio on FB, it needs to be attached to an image (i.e. turned into a video). 

Monday, February 14, 2022


 Using your phone and an everyday object, record an ordinary sound that can stand in for something extraordinary and/or otherworldly. 

When Linda Blair’s head turns a full 180 degrees on her possessed neck in The Exorcist it's actually a wallet twisting. Sound designers hit slabs of meat for the punches in Rocky and Fight Club. Packaged liver sliding in a flat container made the sound for E.T's walk (which Spielberg described as "liquidy and friendly.") Turns out, when a bullet hits liquid metal it sounds like an empty glass being dropped into a bucket of yogurt (and when the T-1000 morphs around the jail cell bars, it's wet dog food sucked from the can with a vacuum cleaner hose). A metal endoskeleton stomping on a human skull was a pistachio shell. Spidey's comic book "thwip" was fishing line and shaving cream; Nightcrawler's "Bamf" a vintage camera flashbulb. The legs and arms of Transformers' Jefire was a creaky oven door. A porcelain lid slowly slid from a toilet tank was the opening of the Ark of the Covenant. Freddy Kreuger's glove was a combination of leather and steel, a belt twisted and a knife slid along the blade of another knife. A wafer cone crumbling was the hatching velociraptor in Jurassic Park. So, then, think nut shells, ice cream cones, watermelon, meat, cabbage, keys, toilet tanks, etc. Try to recreate one of these sounds or come up with something new.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Students MUST post reactions ( minimum 250 words) to the listening linked below. Students are encouraged (but not required) to additionally respond to other student reactions.

The old-time radio era, sometimes referred to as the Golden Age of Radio, refers to a period of radio programming in the United States lasting from the proliferation of radio broadcasting in the early 1920s until the 1950s, when television superseded radio as the medium of choice for scripted programming and radio shifted to news, sports and playing popular music. During this period, when radio was dominant and filled with a variety of formats and genres, people regularly tuned into their favorite radio programs. According to a 1947 C. E. Hooper survey, 82 out of 100 Americans were found to be radio listeners. (Wikipedia)

Click HERE and scroll down to browse the Old Time Radio archive; then select/listen to two eps from two different serials (eps are roughly 20 min). One of my favorites is Inner Sanctum.