Tasmanian Devil (xt), Princess Leia (tt, x), Mom (tt), Emillionaire (x), Tall Guy, Carlie (tt), WizKalina (x, t), Second-Timer, Warbler, You're Great, Bez (t, xx), King, Steph, Man (x), Deadpool, Christina, Talia (x) Uncle Flaco, Wild Wes (x, tt), Sean (t, xx), Bumbo (t, x).

INSIDE THE WRITERS HOUSE: Sessions meet in the Plangere Culture Lab, Murray Hall 302, and occur at a variety of times. Students must attend a minimum of THREE sessions (TWO sessions are included during your regular class session; that means you must seek out a third session convenient to your schedule). Additional attendance will serve as extra credit. Click heading for more info.

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