Katie (x), Angel (tttttt, x), Kevin/Aaron (tT, x), Celine, Samantha/Molloy (ex, ex, xxxxxxx), Laith (xx), Tyler (xxx, tT), Devon, Juliana (xx, ttT), Julian (t), Saif (xxx, tt), Imani (xxx, tTT) Kristian (xx, t), Ava (x), Keely (x), Noah (xx, tt), Christopher (xs, ttttTT)

 SS: Molloy

INSIDE THE WRITERS HOUSE: Sessions, save the Live Kickoff at RU B&N, meet in the Plangere Culture Lab, Murray Hall 302, and occur at a variety of times. Students must attend a minimum of THREE sessions (TWO sessions are included during your regular class session; that means you must seek out a third session convenient to your schedule). Additional attendance will serve as extra credit. Click heading for more info.

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