GLENN MCQUAID: filmmaker (I Sell the Dead) and creator/curator of Tales from Beyond the Pale, a horror podcast inspired by 1930s radio drama.

CLAY MCLEOD CHAPMAN: author, playwright, screenwriter, performer, comic book writer, and "horror-drunk storytelling virtuoso" (Time Out New York). His "I Walked with a Spider" (Marvel) was a top ten bestselling comic book. Clay's six issue zombie series, Self Storage, described as "Storage Wars meets The Walking Dead," was turned into an "augmented reality comic" by director Michael Bay. His film, The Boy (from his novel, Miss Corpus), about a nine year old sociopath, was produced by Elijah Wood's film company, SpectreVision, and stars Rainn Wilson (The Office) and David Morse (World War Z). The New York Times compared The Boy to Lord of the Flies and called it "remarkable," "gorgeous," and "stunning to behold."

MAC ROGERS, playwright, whose works, "maximally imaginative science-fiction plays designed for minimal budgets, teem with insectlike aliens (“The Honeycomb Trilogy”), futuristic drones (“Asymmetric”) and mad scientists (“Frankenstein Upstairs”). His General Electric-sponsored podcast, “The Message,” was described by The Atlantic as Serial” meets “The War of the Worlds. It attracted more than four million downloads and landed in the No. 1 slot on iTunes for a time." - New York Times

MARK SIEGEL has written and illustrated several award-winning picture books and graphic novels, including the New York Times bestseller Sailor Twain, or the Mermaid in the Hudson. He is also the founder and editorial director of First Second Books, Macmillan's graphic novel house.

AUSTIN GROSSMAN: novelist and game designer. His novels include Soon I Will Be Invincible, YOU, and, most recently, Crooked. His game credits include Ultima Underworld 2, System Shock, Trespasser, Deus Ex, Epic Mickey, and Dishonored, which received the 2012 BAFTA award for Best Game. He is currently Director of Game Design and Interactive Storytelling at Magic Leap.

WILL ROGERS: host and creator of the weekly comedy podcast, Will and Bobby Know Everything

ALETHEA BLACK: author and three time Moth StorySLAM winner. Her short story collection, I Knew You'd Be Lovely, was a B&N Discover Great New Writers selection.

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